Asheville Tourists: A Guide to the Mountains

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Asheville, NC nestled in the smokey mountains

Asheville nestled in the smokey mountains of North Carolina

Are you considering visiting North Carolina? This article will serve as a tourists guide to the city of Asheville, and willprovide an overview of the wide range of activities that are at your disposal. We will talk about the music, beer, and art culture in Asheville, as well as some fun activities to explore during your visit.

Asheville is a city with a passion for music. Every year there are countless free music shows in downtown asheville, hosted by the city. These events are supported by the whole community with huge turnouts, they even shut down sections of the street and allow drinking (with purchase of a wristband) and food trucks.

A popular event that is put on by the city of Asheville on a regular basis is called Downtown after 5, it is a really fun music show that happens every third friday the month between May and September.

The Orange Peel

Another flagship establishment of Asheville is the venue, The Orange Peel. The Orange Peel has been around for a very long time and has hosted huge names in music including Mumford and Sons, Skrillex, The Misfits, ZOSO, and Slightly Stoopid, among many many more.

The Orange peel has a show in store almost every night, it is definitely a top place to check out for all Asheville tourists.

orange peel

A view of a concert inside the Orange Peel


Highland Brewing Company

Asheville is quickly becoming the craft beer headquarters of the east, with a large variety of beers being crafted in and around the city itself. A longstanding and very popular brewery in the Asheville area is Highland Brewing Company. Take a trip out to the brewery and enjoy a Gaelic Ale!

Highland Brewing

Beards and Beers are a common sight in the city of Asheville

Lexington Avenue Brewery (L.A.B)

L.A.B. is a great place to check out on your journey through downtown Ashveille, conveniently located in the middle of downtown on Lexington Avenue its the perfect place to stop for lunch and enjoy a craft beer.


LAB brewery is an elegant break location on your adventures through downtown

Wicked Weed Brewing Company

Wicked Weed is another great place to stop and relax for a nice locally brewed craft beer. Located just a few blocks away from the Orange Peel venue, Wicked Weed makes another convenient downtown destination.

Wicked Weed

Wicked Weed Brewery offers a variety of distinguished and unique brews on tap for you to enjoy

The Thirsty Monk

The Thirsty Monk is not a brewery itself, however it has a vast multitude of draft beers available at a moments notice, including an entire bar (on a separate level) dedicated to Belgian beers. The Thirsty Monk is conveniently located on the corner of Patton and Coxe in downtown Asheville.

Thirsty Monk

Having one of the best draft beer selections in the city, The Thirsty Monk is a must for any beer enthusiasts in the area

The River Arts District

Jonas Gerard

The River Arts District in Asheville is an amazing LEARN MORE HERE place to visit, and you really should just walk through and experience it all for yourself. However, I do recommend Jonas Gerards art studio as a stop on your visit to the River Arts District. Jonas is a world renowned abstract artist with an amazing gallery for all Asheville tourists to experience!


A view of the entrance to Jonas Gerards gallery. His gallery makes for a nice, quiet afternoon getaway


The Blue Ridge Parway

Going for a drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway is a must for all Asheville tourists. Experience the beautiful scenery of the mountains like you never have before, from the comfort of your own car. There is a multitude of pull offs and overlooks along the way, guaranteeing a wonderful afternoon of activities. The beautiful and popular Craggy Gardens is just a short drive on the parkway away from downtown Asheville, pictured below.

craggy gardens

Credit: Jared Kay

A gorgeous view of the Craggy Gardens on the Blue Ridge Parkway

Cataloochee Ranch

Just about an hour outside of Asheville, Cataloochee Ranch is an excellent destination for all Asheville tourists. Offering horseback riding year round and skiing and snowboarding in the winter months, Cataloochee Ranch is guaranteed to please.

cataloochee ranch

Live life above the clouds at Cataloochee ranch on your visit to North Carolina

Discgolf at Richmond Hill

Richmond Hill Disc Golf course is located just a few minutes outside of downtown Asheveille and provides an awesome, easy to access, outdoor activity for Asheville tourists. The course is a full 18 holes and is extremely well maintained, zig zagging through the forests of Richmond Hill.

richmond hill

A family friendly, fun afternoon in the outdoors at Richmond Hill Disc Golf Course.


Asheville is a great travel destination with fun activities for everyone. I hope that this article helps you discover some of what Asheville has to offer, and inspires a more enjoyable travel experience for you and your fellow Asheville tourists.

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